Special Gifts Arrangements Created By Florists

Floral arrangements are a beautiful way to express yourself on a special occasion, anniversary or event. The most memorable arrangements are unique and personalized and some may not even include flowers. Florists have many non-flower gift items to incorporate in their creations.

Here are a few different and memorable gift ideas that your florist can make:

Edible Arrangements

Edible arrangements are always fun to receive. Florists use delicious treats to make these tasty presentations:

  • A cookie and muffin tree, with individually-wrapped treats in a beautiful basket.
  • A beverage tree with small coffee and tea packets bound together and served in a huge, ceramic coffee cup.
  • A fruit wreath with fresh fruits in season tied with colorful ribbons.

​Baby Gift

A baby gift arrangement can be colorful way to give a new mother some useful gifts. A florist can make fabric "flowers" out of rolled up baby socks, booties, undershirts, and bonnets, all tied with ribbons and mounted in an arrangement. Small baby lotions, soaps, toys and books can also be incorporated in the arrangement. 

Your florist can make a crayon, colored pencil, or felt-tip marker wreath as a great gift for a teacher. This is a colorful and useful gift that a teacher can use for quite a while. The crayons, pencils and markers are mounted together on a Styrofoam wreath and hung on a wall. The wreath can alternatively be presented on a easel with a colorful ribbon and a personalized message. 

Your florist can take lottery tickets and mount them like leaves on a Styrofoam wreath. Ribbons can be incorporated for color. A small set of Christmas lights can be wrapped around the wreath to make it sparkle. 

Wedding and Bridal

For a wedding or bridal shower, provide your florist with gift certificates to different stores and restaurants. He can then roll them up, tie them with ribbons, and present them in a beautiful vase or basket. Tickets to different shows, exhibits, spas and even vacation getaways can be incorporated for a truly extravagant gift.

The Money Arrangement

Have your florist create a money tree for the ultimate gift for anyone. Individual dollar bills are bunched together in the middle and tied with floral wire to make money blossoms. These blossoms can then be mounted on bamboo sticks in an arrangement with greenery or pinned to a styrofoam wreath to make a truly impressive and memorable gift. 

A personalized gift of creative and useful items is always appreciated. Discuss your gift ideas with your florist and together you can create something that will be remembered for a long time. If you have other questions or ideas, take them up with someone at a company like Holmes McDuffy Florist Inc. to learn more.