3 Reasons Your Next Roof Should Be Metal

Making the investment in a new roof is not an easy decision. With many options for roofing material available, it is not always easy to find a clear-cut winner. Metal should be on your list of potential roofs due to its many advantages over other materials.

Good All-Weather Material

Metal roofs have numerous benefits when you consider different weather patterns. If you have harsh winters with large accumulations of snow and ice, this can pose a structural problem. Unlike other roofing materials, the metal surface can reflect heat, reducing the amount of snow and ice that accumulates on your roof, thereby improving the structural integrity of your home. The same reflective properties of metal roofs can also work well in the summer to reduce your energy costs. Since more of the sun in reflected away from your home, you can expect your home to be easier to cool. Durability is also a concern when considering the weather. In general, metal roofs are less vulnerable to high winds, unlike wood or asphalt shingles.


If you have long-term plans for your current home, choosing metal may be a good investment. A properly installed metal roof will not need to be replaced for several decades or longer. Although the upfront costs for metal and the costs associated with installation may be higher, you can expect a return on your investment with less maintenance and repair costs. When comparing metal roofs to other materials that have a long life span, such as concrete and slate roofs, the deciding factor might come down to weight. A metal roof is typically lighter than these materials, placing less strain on the home and making it easier to install.

The Best Of Many Worlds

One of the concerns when selecting the right roof is that all options will have their pros and cons. Fortunately, there are several fabrication processes available for metal that can help you merge the look of other roofing materials with the durability of metal. For example, metal roofs can be configured to look like wood or asphalt shingles. Other options include merging the ideal features of two different metals. For example, you may prefer the benefits of a steel or aluminum roof, but want the aesthetic appeal of copper. Steel and aluminum can be finished with a copper coating. The finish of a copper coating will last longer before it changes color, unlike a genuine copper roof that will quickly turn green when exposed to the elements.

Metal is among several options available when selecting your next roof. The durability of metal combined with many customization options makes metal an ideal choice. To learn more, contact a company like Premium Panels Inc