Three Essential Accessories For Your Great Gatsby Inspired Art Deco Bedroom

If you're redecorating your bedroom and trying to decide on a new look, then a Great Gatsby inspired Art Deco theme may be the perfect solution. This style is classy and ideal for a relaxing and romantic boudoir. When designing your new Art Deco look, the accessories that you choose will make or break the entire look. Here are three essential Art Deco inspired accessories for your redecoration project.

1. An Art Deco frame

Art Deco frames are immediately identifiable by their use of bold yet elegant linear designs. The designs are always symmetrical and consist of straight lines with flourishes at the corners. They're generally plain black but sometimes include gold highlights.

Typically, Art Deco frames are used as borders for mirrors. They can also be used to house vintage art prints from the Art Deco era. It's possible to buy genuine antique Art Deco frames but they can be an expensive purchase. Many home ware stores and online suppliers stock a wide and affordable range.

2. A glamorous chandelier

No Art Deco inspired bedroom will be complete without a shimmering and elegant chandelier. The chandelier doesn't need to be elaborate or expensive—even a single tiered version, using glass instead of crystal, will provide the Gatsby era look that you're looking for.

If a chandelier isn't an option due to space limitations or ceiling height, then a pair of chandelier-like table lamps is the next best option. A black metal base with a fringe of glass pieces will provide your bedroom with a stylish yet practical lighting scheme.

3. Objets d'Art

Objets d'Art are small, sculptural accessories which add interest and flair to a room's decor. When looking for Art Deco pieces, look for items that have geometric shapes, straight lines, small abstract patterns, and the classic Art Deco fan shape. To stay true to the theme, opt for pieces that are black and white and clear glass or crystal, with the occasional flourish of gold or silver accents.

For functional Objets d'Art, you can choose clocks, vases, and jewelry boxes. Small black statuettes, usually of a nymph-like female figure, are also a common element in Art Deco design.

Because bedrooms are a private space, you can be a little bit more adventurous when redecorating than you might be comfortable with in the public rooms of your home. A Great Gatsby inspired Art Deco theme is a fun, easy, and beautiful style to choose for your new bedroom look. For more information, contact a local professional like Kelly Gallery.