Where To Find Scrap Metal For Your Lawn Sculptures

With spring quickly approaching, you may be thinking about different ways to spruce up your landscape. Have you ever seen landscapes full of beautiful metal fixtures placed perfectly amongst the grasses and shrubs? As you might imagine, those beautiful sculptures can cost a pretty penny. However, if you have some artistic prowess, you could make your own beautiful metal sculpture garden yourself for hundreds less by using recycled metal. You can easily find recycled metal in a number of places, including the following:

Scrap Metal Yards

One of the best places to find recycled metal for your lawn art is at scrap metal yards. These places mostly contain old demolished cars, broken appliances, and just about any other product you can think of. If you go this route to source your metal, plan to spend at least half a day there. Scrap metal yards are enormous and can take many hours to find what you are looking for. Before you enter, make a list of some of the things you would like to find, such as wheel spokes, copper pieces, or any material you think would make a nice art piece for your landscaping.

Social Media Groups

You can also put a call out to your local social media groups. Sign on to the different ones in your area, or even in neighboring areaa, and let the other users know what you are looking for. You may find a lot of people that have what you need laying around on their property. In fact, you may even get it for free if you simply haul it away.

Estate Sales

Estate sales are another really great place to find some great pieces for your recycled metal art. Sales that are in rural areas are especially lucrative because many times they have large yards with outbuildings full of metal resources you can use.

Driveway Shopping

Driveway shopping is a fun term for driving around your neighborhood the night before trash pick up and looking at what others are throwing out. You would be very surprised and excited about what others are throwing out. Old bikes, wagons, or golf clubs are just a few things you may find. Other people's trash can certainly be your treasure if you are willing to go out and look for it.

Making beautiful lawn art from recycled metal is a really fun way to makeover your landscaping. Always make sure you are safe when working with metal, including wearing protective gear. For more information and ideas for recycled metal decor, contact a company like Star Imports Wholesale.