Three Steps To Setting Up A Tiny Balcony

Having an outdoor space can be a good way to keep sane. When you need to get out of the house and get some fresh air, instead of having to leave home, you can simply step outside. If you are living in a small city apartment or condo, a small balcony can be a major bonus. With a small apartment and even smaller outside space, figuring out how to decorate can be a challenge. There are a few steps that you can take to set up a tiny balcony that will be functional and enjoyable for you. 

Look at slim reclining chairs

Slimline seats are going to be vital towards keeping walking space on a small balcony. Purchase chairs that are slim but provide a recline when you lean back. This will allow you to sit outside on your balcony and work or you can enjoy a relaxing drink and soak up the sunshine. Adding two reclining chairs to share with yourself and your friend will make your balcony look plenty enticing. 

Make the table tiny

One of the ways that you can save on space is to make the table as tiny as possible. The tiny table will give you space to sit your drinks, food, or even a laptop without taking up too much space. One of the best ways to save walking space on your little balcony is to get a table from a furniture store that can be attached to the railing via hooks. A slim table that is the width of the board can be attached to the railing in front of the chairs, which will give you a table put allow you space to walk around. 

Add turf to the ground

If you enjoy being in nature but you don't get the chance to often, you should redecorate your backyard so that you get your nature fix. If the hard concrete gets cold or hot depending on the seasons, add turf to the ground so that the balcony floor feels a little more stable. At a furniture store, you may be able to find turf that feels like grass in the gardening section. You may have to lay it out and trim it to fit yourself in order to get the appropriate square footage. Add turf that is similar to grass and put plants around the perimeter to create your own perfect garden space.

Contact a furniture shop, like Think Outside... The Outdoor Great Room Store, for more help.