How To Prepare Your Irrigation System For Winter

As the season changes over to winter, you can expect temperatures to drop and the possibility of snow. Homeowners must take measures to get their home and property ready for cold weather. With everything you have to do, it is easy to forget about your irrigation system. Read on to find out how to prepare your sprinkler system for winter.

Insulate Your Shut Off Valve

You must shut off the water supply to your irrigation system to keep it from freezing. If you do not have a main shut off valve, then you should install one as a preventative measure. Your shut off valve should be wrapped with insulation using a plastic bag and insulation tape. The insulation protects against harsh temperatures and prevents your water supply from freezing.

Power Down The Controller

Automatic sprinkler systems work off a timer and has a control. You will need to power down your controller. Controllers have different modes, such as rain-mode. This mode cuts off all signals to your valves, but the clock still runs during the winter. It just stops your valves from activating.

If you are worried about your controller activating a valve, then you may want to remove the wires to your main valve. However, you may have to reprogram your time and settings for your system.

Remove The Water

You have to drain the water from your sprinkles and pipes. If you leave the water, then it will freeze and cause you pipes to expand. Common draining methods include the compressed air blow-out, an automatic drain valve and a manual drain valve method. You should understand the safety risks when draining the pipes. If you do not have experience with this work, then you should call in an irrigation specialist. Many irrigation companies offer winterization services.

You should start winterization in the fall months. This service prevents you from having to make costly repairs. If your irrigation system freezes, then the expansion of the pipes can destroy other components. It helps to call out an irrigation specialist to see what services you need to make your sprinklers are ready for spring.

A great looking lawn reflects the homeowners. A dependable watering system helps you keep your lawn looking lush and green. It keeps your lawn hydrated and prevents overwatering.

 You must understand how cold weather affects your sprinkler system. When water freezes, it will expand. Without preparation, your sprinkler system will become damage from the freezing temperatures. For more information, contact companies like Hydrotech Irrigation Co.