Energy Efficient Blinds

Everyone knows that energy bills get much more expensive when the winter and summer months come around. You can use blinds to help reduce the amount of heat and air conditioning escaping your home and lower your utility bills at the same time. 

Using Blinds to Retain Heat

Did you know that about 20% of the heat in your home escapes from your windows? Keep your blinds open during the day in the winter to let in natural heat from the sun When you close the blinds after the sun goes down, you keep the heat inside your home.

When the blinds are down, they contain a layer of air in between the blinds and the glass. This warm air in this space helps keep your home warm through a common method called the greenhouse effect.

Triple cell shades in the honeycomb style are the most effective in insulating your home. Keep in mind that the extra material and their insulating properties make them more expensive than other options. Roller blinds and roman blinds provide great options as well. 

Ask about thermal fabrics that can offer even more protection to your blinds. 

Blinds in the Summer

Blinds are even more effective at keeping heat from entering your home than retaining heat in the winter. In fact, you can reduce the amount of heat in your home by 45% with blinds. Closing the blinds keeps the sun (and the heat!) out. However, to keep your home cool, it can be best to remove your winter blinds during the summer months. If your blinds are designed to retain heat, they will continue to do so in the summer. 

Solar Gap Blinds

Many blinds can provide insulation. Now blinds can even generate energy, too! Solar gap blinds use the sun's energy to produce 100w - 150w of energy for every 10 square feet of a window. This energy can be held in a battery, or you can sell the energy to your energy provider. These blinds can even connect with your smart devices. This allows you to operate them without even getting up, and you can also see exactly how much energy you are generating. 

Professional Installation

Professional insulation will ensure that your blinds are fitted to give you the best insulation available. Don't install new blinds yourself unless you are properly trained- especially if you want them to help monitor the temperature in your home and lower your energy bills. 

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