Did Your Friend Open A Handmade Candy Shop? 3 Tips To Design A Sweet Metal Sign For Their New Business

After watching them work for years to hone their recipes, it's exciting to watch your friend finally reach their goal of owning a candy shop. While a handmade candy shop adds a fun touch to any shopping area, you still want to make sure that they have everything in place to make a splash on opening day. A custom design metal sign is the ideal way to celebrate the occasion, and you can use these tips to plan an opening day gift that your friend is proud to display.

Stick To The Theme

Metal signs for a business should add to the overall ambiance and attract attention from potential customers. For this reason, you want to pick a metal type and design that fits the general theme of their shop. For instance, a sign using traditional lettering and materials such as copper and bronze is ideal if your friend is going for a vintage feel that attracts families. Alternatively, you might go with a sleek black and silver look if your friend caters to upscale customers who are looking for impressive gifts.

Incorporate Their Logo

Your friend likely spent a great deal of time designing a logo that stands for their company. Get a copy of the logo so that you can include it in the personalized metal sign. Not only will your friend be impressed, but the sign will also serve as another form of advertising if your friend chooses to display it outside of their candy shop.

Plan How It Will Be Displayed

Custom store signs are great gifts for someone one is opening a business, and planning ahead for how it will be displayed allows you to make sure that everything is in place for your friend to put it out on the first day. Outdoor storefront signs are often displayed on rack mounts or hung directly on the door. For this reason, you may prefer to have holes predrilled in the sign so that it is ready for hanging. If your friend will display it indoors, then make sure that it is big enough to be seen without being overwhelming in the store space.

Your friend's hard work is finally paying off, and it's only natural to want to honor this special occasion. Now that they've set up their shop and planned an opening date, you can get started planning a custom sign that shows them just how much you support their new business.