Are You Decorating An Elegant Living Room?

Have you been thinking of redecorating your present living room? Perhaps you are building a new home and you are planning each room's style. Whatever the circumstances, if you have chosen to decorate the living room in an elegant way, from selecting the light fixtures to choosing the artwork for the walls, here are some ideas that might help you to design a unique and beautiful room that you will enjoy for many years.

Select The Light Fixtures. If you are already considering which light fixtures you will select, you have more than likely already chosen your furniture pieces. Since you are wanting to establish an elegant look, you probably chose formal furniture. Is it a traditional look or a more contemporary one? As you select the light fixtures, consider choosing the ones that will complement the furniture you have bought. For example, if you have selected traditional furniture, consider buying a crystal chandelier that will add to the formal feeling of the room. If you have selected contemporary furniture, one way to bring formality into the room is to select brass or pewter light fixtures that have a unique design to them. Consider buying lighted wall sconces and table lamps that will complement the chandelier you selected.

Select The Artwork. Again, the type of formality you selected will more than likely dictate the type of artwork you will select for your walls. If you have chosen traditional styles, think of selecting prints or original watercolor paintings, oil paintings, and acrylic paintings that depict things like flowers, beautiful meadows, and other landscape scenery. For a very formal look, consider using heavy gold frames for your artwork. If you have gone with a more contemporary style, consider buying artwork that depicts things like modern cities, places like San Francisco, New York City, Paris, and Madrid. Instead of using heavy gold frames for these modern scenes, consider framing them in black, sleek frames, perhaps with mats that bring out the colors found in the art. 

Whether you selected traditional art or more contemporary art, consider installing light fixtures that will accent the art. Think of buying accent light fixtures that allow you to dim the light or to make it brighter. For example, if you put your Christmas tree in the living room, you will more than likely want to dim the artwork so that the lights on the Christmas tree can take the spotlight.