Add More Enjoyment to Your Home with a New Patio

If your home doesn't have a patio, you're missing out on outdoor space you can use for grilling and dining. You can put a picnic table on the grass, but it just isn't the same. You'll have to keep moving the table around to mow, and you'll have to contend with more bugs crawling around your feet. Having a patio installed is like extending the living space of your home since you'll have a solid surface for eating, relaxing, cooking, and playing. Here are some things to consider when you have your new patio put in.

Allow Plenty of Advance Time

If you want your patio in place before summer starts or by a specific date, then prepare in advance. It takes time to install a patio since the soil has to be prepped first to support the concrete slab. Then, you have to allow time for the concrete to cure so you can use it without leaving tracks or scratches in the surface. Talk to the installer several weeks before you want to use the patio so you can work out the timing and allow time for the concrete to harden sufficiently. While you might be allowed to walk on it within a couple of days, you'll need to be careful about dragging chairs, toys, and a grill across the surface for a few weeks so you don't create ugly scars that harden in place.

Choose the Best Location

You want your patio to be near a door to your living room or kitchen so you can move back and forth easily when you're cooking or entertaining. However, there are other things to consider too such as trees that might be in the way. You may not want a patio that's in the shade all the time, or mold might become a problem. Proximity to utilities might be another consideration if you're having an outdoor sink, gas grill, or hot tub placed on the patio. You don't have to get a rectangular patio if it won't fit in your space. The concrete slab can be built with curves and in any shape you want since a frame is built first that allows the concrete to flow into any shape needed. This allows you to work around obstructions and build the best shape for your house and property.

Think About Additions

While you don't want a patio that's always in the shade, one that's always in the sun isn't good either. You may want an awning for your patio so you can adjust the shade to suit you. Screen walls might be nice too since you can attach these to an awning so you can enjoy the outdoors when mosquitoes are bad. You can choose a traditional plain slab and that will serve you well, or you might want to have benches or a fire pit built in. You can even upgrade the look of the slab by having the concrete stamped with designs or dyed. No matter what type of patio you choose, it will increase your enjoyment of your home and your yard since it provides you with outdoor living space and a place to get fresh air while enjoying a nature view.