Are You Decorating Your Kitchen With A Country Look? Two Tips That May Help

Have you decided that it's time to redecorate your kitchen? Perhaps it just looks worn to you and you are bored with its present appearance. Whatever the reason that you are decorating your kitchen, if you have selected a country theme, you are in for some fun shopping and planning. From selecting the window treatment design to choosing the furniture for your kitchen, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Window Treatment Design

Do you want fabric curtains for your kitchen windows? If so, think of the kind of material that would give the windows a country look. For example, gingham would be one good choice for your curtains. Another idea is to select fabric with floral nosegays in different colors. Little children in old-fashioned clothes, puppies, and kittens would also be great choices for a window treatment with a country look. The great part about selecting fabric for your kitchen windows is that it will probably be a very affordable choice. Select a fabric that washes and dries well and that doesn't need ironing.

Plantation shutters would be another good choice. They're easy to install and will last for a very long time. The great part about plantation shutters is that, if you decide to change the theme of your kitchen later on, the plantation shutters will go with any decor you select in the future.

Plantation shutters are super easy to maintain. Just clean them with your feather duster or go over them with a damp cloth and a gentle cleanser.

The Kitchen Furniture

Think of going with antique furniture. For example, an old table with mismatched ladder-back chairs would probably be a charming look in your country kitchen. A bench table would be another good idea. 

Maybe you'd rather have something a bit more modern. If that's the case, consider going with metal furniture. Add a table runner and a centerpiece that has a country feeling to it. For example, an antique or a replica of an antique milk bottle filled with faux daisies would be one good choice. Or, choose something like a ceramic rooster for your table centerpiece.

Besides a table and chairs, think of buying a display shelf where you can show off things like your collection of cookbooks and your favorite serving pieces. Choose a display shelf that complements the kitchen table and chairs. 

Speak to a window treatment service in your area for more tips.