Building A Home? 3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mailbox

From floors and roofing materials to paint colors and hardware, making all the different selections when building a home can be overwhelming. While certain choices you need to make are obvious, other choices are also left forgotten. Your mailbox, for instance, will also be an important decision. With this guide, you will learn a few factors to help you choose the right mailbox.


One of the most important things to consider before selecting a mailbox is whether or not your neighborhood or city has specific regulations on size, shape, and design. If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, for instance, there may be certain mailboxes that must be used by all homeowners.

If you live within city limits, you may need to contact the local government to determine what regulations they have on mailboxes, as well.

Failure to use approved mailboxes could mean a few things. You will most likely be penalized and have to pay some fees. In addition, you may be legally required to replace the mailbox with one that has been approved.


If you are able to choose any style of mailbox, you may find the options for decorative mailboxes surprising.

A mailbox on a post is the most traditional design. Basically, the actual box will be affixed to a post either on the top or side. The actual box will be made out of a specific material and have a specific design style that works with your personality, but keep in mind your home's exterior style, as well, when selecting one.

A column-mounted mailbox is also a design to consider. These boxes are built/mounted into columns made out of brick or stone in most cases. They are very durable and add a custom look to your home.

If you prefer a more antiquated look, consider a wall-mounted mailbox. These boxes can be mounted to the exterior of your home near the front door or onto a wall at the end of your driveway. Be sure to discuss this design of mailbox with government officials, since delivery to your front door may not be possible.


Just like with other parts of your home, you can add accents to your mailbox that not only improve the look, but also the style.

Newspaper slots are a great addition to include in your mailbox design. These slots allow your newspapers and magazines to be delivered to your home without the worry of them becoming wet and unusable in the rain.

Multiple doors are also helpful. Consider a mailbox with a front door, which is accessed by the post office and a rear door, which will be accessed by you. This type of mailbox is incredibly beneficial if you live on a busy street or highway.