Restoring And Repairing Your Stone Surfaces

Some of the most important surfaces in your home may be made of various types of natural stone. In particular, granite and marble are among the most common stone surfaces for countertops, floors and fireplace mantles. These stones are extremely durable and able to withstand ample abuse, but they will eventually age and wear enough to benefit from undergoing restoration services.

Why Should You Invest In Restoration Services Rather Than Replace The Granite And Marble Surfaces?

When granite and marble surfaces have suffered serious damage, it may seem like the only way to restore the appearance of this area of the home will be to completely replace these surfaces. However, this can be an extremely expensive option as these stone surfaces can be among the most expensive parts of a room. By choosing to restore these surfaces, you can correct their appearance for a fraction of the cost and disruption of a complete replacement.

What Are The Type Of Issues That Can Be Repaired With Granite And Marble Restoration Services?

Stone restoration services are usually the most effective when they are needing to repair shallow surface damage to the stone. This can include cracks, chips, and stains. During the restoration process, the exterior of the stone surface will be removed using a diamond grinder. Once this is complete, the exposed layer of stone will be refinished and polished so that it will look like new. While this repair option can be extremely effective at repairing a variety of surface issues with the stone, there are limits to what it can accomplish. If large sections of the stone are structurally compromised, restoration may not be possible as the stone may be too weak to withstand the grinding needed to remove the outer layer. A thorough evaluation is needed to determine whether restoring the stone surface will be possible, but a professional will be able to accurately complete this assessment.

How Can You Extend The Life Of The Restoration Results?

Once your stone surface has been restored, it can be worth investing the time in preserving it so that the results will last for as long as possible. Luckily, restored stone surfaces will be easy to maintain as long as a few basic steps are taken. The first step is to protect the stone against discoloration and water damage, which can be done by applying a protective sealant to its exterior and cleaning it every week or two. Being mindful to avoid dropping extremely hard and heavy items on the floor can also help to protect against chips and cracks while avoiding putting hot pans on countertops can help them avoid thermal damage.

For more information on granite and marble restoration services, contact your local contractor.